Public Works

Brush Pick-up

Rules and Regulations
Please have your brush out by 6:00 A.M.. the Monday of collection week.  Pull to the edge of the roadway, do not place brush into the road way or on the asphalt.  Brush piles should be broken into smaller,  separated piles to make them easier for crew to pick up individually.  Smaller brush piles allow for quicker collection.  Brush Collection may run the full scheduled week.  Once a street or neighborhood has been collected crews will not return until the next scheduled collection date.  Due to varying conditions, specific collection days cannot be projected for any neighborhood. 

2021 Collection Weeks

  1. Monday, April 19
  2. Monday, May 24
  3. Monday, June 21
  4. Monday, July 26
  5. Monday, August 23
  6. Monday, September 20
  7. Monday, October 25

Accepted Items

The following IS acceptable for pick-up*:
(*Please Note: Brush piles placed incorrectly will not be collected.)

  1. Brush must be stacked neatly, piled no more than 4 feet high, with cut ends facing the road.
  2. Leave branches in long segments, manageable by one person.
  3. Brush piles should not affect motorist visibility, and should be in an open, obstruction free area.
  4. The following items must be placed separately from the main brush pile: Materials greater than 8 inches in diameter must be cut into manageable pieces. Branches 4 inches or more in diameter must be trimmed of all small branches. Materials less than 1 inch in diameter must be tied together in 4 foot bundles, not exceeding 30 pounds; string or twine is acceptable.

Unaccepted Items

The following material IS NOT accepted for pick-up*:
(*Please Note: Brush piles containing unacceptable material will not be collected.)

  1. Root balls and brush mixed with soil or other yard waste.
  2. Vines, leaf piles, shrubs, or rocks.
  3. Processed wood, boards, or trash.
  4. Brush placed in bags, boxes, or trash containers.
  5. Brush containing wire, tape, or any inorganic materials.
  6. Brush that is determined to have been cut or trimmed by contractors.
  7. Anything not listed as acceptable that may be found in the brush pile.
  8. Brush piles greater than 4 feet high or unmanageable material greater than 8 inches in diameter.

The Town does not offer collection of leaves or other yard waste. These items may be composted, burned on the owner’s property, or taken to the MRD Compost Facility. The site, located at 5211 County Highway Q, accepts both yard waste and brush.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Barry Buckwalter (608) 849-4372
Cole Chritton (608) 849-4372
Tom Flaig (608) 849-4372
Adrianna Duffrin (608) 849-4372