Tax bills were mailed mid-December. The Town Office Lobby will likely remain closed throughout the tax collection season. Most tax questions can be answered over the phone by calling (608) 849-4372 or by emailing [email protected]. In addition, appointments may be accepted during normal business hours, but these will be restricted to taxpayers wishing to pay their taxes in cash or other unique circumstances that cannot be handled over the phone, via email, or contactless payment. In this limited circumstance, please expect that you will be asked to conduct business safely through the office doors.

Contactless payment options include:

  • Payment by mail
  • Payment via the drop box located to the right of the administration office door
  • Online payment

If you would like a receipt, just remember to enclose the entire original tax bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Please be patient and vigilant during these difficult times. Westport has a very small office staff, and everyone is an essential worker. This procedure will help not only to ensure the safety and health of our residents from congregating in a very small lobby, but will keep the good health of our workers so Westport can continue to provide necessary services. Westport staff reminds residents to stay safe and healthy.